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Spring Break 2016: Easter in Oceanside

oside_jetty_20160327_161626The family was very much enjoying Spring Break in Southern California. The San Diego portion of our trip was wrapped up and we were enjoying our new digs in Oceanside. It was Easter Sunday and we didn’t have much on the agenda. Since we’ve been on the go since we arrived, we decided to take it easy today and hang around our home away from home. Running, surfing, and enjoying life by the pool were on tap. Time to get hopping!¬† Continue reading

Spring Break 2016: Petco Park and Craft Breweries

sd_petco_20160326_131001Another beautiful day in Southern California. It was day two of our Spring Break living the Cali life and we decided to head back to San Diego with a few options in mind. We were interested in a tour of Petco Park and then maybe seeing the U.S.S. Midway. Visiting some craft brews were also on tap. We ended up at Stone Brewing and Mission Brewery before the day was done. Continue reading

Spring Break 2016: San Diego Zoo

san_diego_20160325_125850The trumpeting sound of the elephants and the swinging sensation from monkeys and other primates were calling our name! Our first day of Spring Break in southern California was spent exploring all the animals at the San Diego Zoo. And after a long day walking around, we enjoyed the fine craft beer from Ballast Point Brewing Company in Little Italy. Continue reading

Spring Break 2016: California Dreaming

oceanside_20160326_075843This year for Spring Break, we contemplated going back to Puerto Rico or another island in the Caribbean. Maybe Costa Rica would be nice again or trying somewhere new like Panama could be adventurous. Flights were looking pricey to all those places, so we spun the globe and looked at a few locations that might entertain the family for a little spring getaway. Our final decision: Southern California. Continue reading

Switzerland: All Aboard for the Glacier Express

20160116_051709Our extended weekend and journey in Switzerland continued aboard the Glacier Express. The world famous “slowest express train” would take us from the eastern part of the country, through the Swiss Alps with the end destination of Zermatt. The 7-hour ride took us over countless bridges, through numerous tunnels, and most importantly, offered amazing views around each and every corner. Continue reading

Switzerland: Trains, mountains, and snowboarding

20160115_023045Switzerland was amazing. Merri Beth, Zander, and I had an opportunity to visit for a few days in January 2016. We didn’t know what to expect and we maximized our time, visiting five different cities in five days. We took the train everywhere, went snowboarding, ate traditional Swiss food, and enjoyed the majestic beauty of the Swiss Alps. We’ve got all the details about our trip in case you find yourself in St Moritz, Bern, or Neuchatal one day. Continue reading

Turks and Caicos: Exploring Malcolm’s Road Beach

20151222_090117A co-worker had tipped us off about Malcolm’s Road Beach. And while we had spent some time here a few days ago, we really didn’t get a chance to explore it. Now that we were more comfortable with our snorkel gear and our ability in the water we stayed out longer, ventured out further, and maximized our day on the west side of Turks and Caicos, Providenciales Island. Continue reading