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Holiday in paradise: Catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Mele Kalikimaka from Cancun. The family was back on the water with a catamaran trip scheduled for Isla Mujeres. Our trip included snorkeling in the MUSA, a buffet lunch, and free time on the beach before departing back in the afternoon showers that rolled through. We had an amazing day despite the rain, but then the reality of traveling tomorrow hits us as we have to pack up and be ready to head to the airport to head home.

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Holiday in paradise: Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

Today we explored the small beach town of Puerto Morelos. Our Christmas Eve was spent in the Caribbean Sea looking at fish and coral reefs. We drove 30-minutes south to Puerto Morelos and snorkeled at the National Reef Park with Wet Set Diving and Snorkeling Adventures. Then, we worked up an appetite and found some delicious grinds at La Petita en la Playita before chilling on the beach for a while and cleaning out some leftovers at our AirBnB.

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Holiday in paradise: Playa del Niño

Our second full day in Cancun was looking to be pretty chill. We hadn’t planned anything yet, but we had a list of things we were interested in doing. Everyone slept in again and then as each of us woke up, we started doing some research. But something was bugging me about the rental car and we needed to make a decision. Once we put a bow in a few of our travel excursions, we found a gorgeous beach not too far away and enjoyed an evening just hanging out.

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Holiday in paradise: Playa Marlin

Our family doesn’t celebrate birthdays, we like to celebrate birthday weeks! Feliz cumpleaños (Happy birthday) to Merri Beth for another trip around the sun and we’re in Mexico all week looking for the best beaches and snorkeling. Were here during the winter solstice near ancient Mayan cities, how awesome is that? We had to grind it out and do some grocery shopping before making it to the beach, but getting supplies is super important for a successful trip. And the beach was pretty amazing. This is our first full day of vacation in Mexico.

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Holiday in paradise: Exploring Cancun

Our family holiday adventure to Cancun, Mexico was about to take off. We were all packed up and ready to go. Rex (our 13-year old Border Collie) is enjoying the holidays on the Outer Banks while we seek warmer weather in Quintana Roo, Mexico and the beautiful Caribbean waters. Our trip started off a little rough with the rental car agency, but got better every day. This is our holiday adventure in Mexico for the first time as we explore the beaches in Cancun.

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Life in board shorts: Creating my own triathlon

For all of the runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes out there, if you’ve been missing race days, you’re not alone. The camaraderie at the start and finish line, the competition on the course, and the milestones we accomplish, have all been set aside for a while.

I missed my summer sprint triathlon’s so much, I decided to make my own course, get out there, and get it done. In this blog, I’ll explain how I planned my courses and a few tips to make the most of my effort as I share my story with you.

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Life in board shorts: Sailfish citations

Catch of the day

The family was stoked to go offshore fishing with Captain Rom Whitaker and first mate Andy Trant on The Release. It was a windy and sometimes rainy Wednesday out of Hatteras Harbour and we had an amazing time. When all was all said and done, we caught 5 Sailfish and some Yellowfin Tuna. It was a long day, but we had fresh fish for dinner!

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