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Holiday in paradise: Home for the rest of the holidays

Today was a travel day. Our flight left at 8:00 am and we had to get up, travel to the airport, fill up with gas, return the car, check our bags, and get through security. We got this, but it was a process. I saw rain in the forecast in Atlanta, where we connect through, so I hope we don’t have any issues or delays getting home. Getting upgraded to first class on the long segment was a nice start.

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Holiday in paradise: Catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Mele Kalikimaka from Cancun. The family was back on the water with a catamaran trip scheduled for Isla Mujeres. Our trip included snorkeling in the MUSA, a buffet lunch, and free time on the beach before departing back in the afternoon showers that rolled through. We had an amazing day despite the rain, but then the reality of traveling tomorrow hits us as we have to pack up and be ready to head to the airport to head home.

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Holiday in paradise: Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos

Today we explored the small beach town of Puerto Morelos. Our Christmas Eve was spent in the Caribbean Sea looking at fish and coral reefs. We drove 30-minutes south to Puerto Morelos and snorkeled at the National Reef Park with Wet Set Diving and Snorkeling Adventures. Then, we worked up an appetite and found some delicious grinds at La Petita en la Playita before chilling on the beach for a while and cleaning out some leftovers at our AirBnB.

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Holiday in paradise: A visit to Chichen Itza

Bucket list: Visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World

Today was the educational portion of our vacation. We booked a “12-hour tour” (sing with me, “A 12-hour tour”) to Chichen Itza and explored an ancient Mayan pyramid. It was super dope to learn about the gigantic calendar and every detail has some significance. The alignment to the sun, the number of steps, and the connections to the surrounding buildings.👽 We had a guided tour, then had time to explore on our own. We survived a long, 14-hour day with a lot of it on the bus, swam in a Cenote, and saw one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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Holiday in paradise: Playa del Niño

Our second full day in Cancun was looking to be pretty chill. We hadn’t planned anything yet, but we had a list of things we were interested in doing. Everyone slept in again and then as each of us woke up, we started doing some research. But something was bugging me about the rental car and we needed to make a decision. Once we put a bow in a few of our travel excursions, we found a gorgeous beach not too far away and enjoyed an evening just hanging out.

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Holiday in paradise: Playa Marlin

Our family doesn’t celebrate birthdays, we like to celebrate birthday weeks! Feliz cumpleaños (Happy birthday) to Merri Beth for another trip around the sun and we’re in Mexico all week looking for the best beaches and snorkeling. Were here during the winter solstice near ancient Mayan cities, how awesome is that? We had to grind it out and do some grocery shopping before making it to the beach, but getting supplies is super important for a successful trip. And the beach was pretty amazing. This is our first full day of vacation in Mexico.

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Life in board shorts: Final tide change in Cocoa Beach

Today was our last day in Cocoa Beach before heading to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl. We had to pack everything up, but before hitting the road for two hours, we wanted to milk our time in the warm sun in Cocoa Beach. There was surf, a final visit to Ron Jon’s, and some lunch at the Tiny Turtle. Once we arrived Jacksonville, we checked into our hotel and went to the beach where things were chilly and foggy. It was another amazing day in Florida.

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An Elfie on the Polar Express

The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Spencer, North Carolina. Our family decided to kick off the holiday season with a day trip to the N.C. Transportation Museum and take a ride on The Polar Express™. It was a magical time that the kids enjoyed (and the adult kids may have enjoyed more). Let’s reflect on a great 2018 Thanksgiving Day weekend that involved a Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving lunch, Carolina Hurricanes hockey, NC State at UNC Chapel Hill football, and more. Continue reading

Summer escape to Chicago: Blink 182 at Lollapalooza

Friday, August 4 – The Stage is set for Blink 182 and Lollapalooza

With some severe weather moving through yesterday, the temps took a drop and my morning run to Navy Pier was much nicer with the cooler temperatures. There was also some steady cloud cover which was a nice set-up for a day at Lollapalooza. After breakfast, Merri Beth and I did a little online research and prep for a day at Grant Park. Then we walked from out hotel for a day of music at Lolla.

As soon as we got through security, we stopped at the Tito’s stage and enjoyed a few songs from The Frights. Next was Saint Jhn on the Pepsi stage before we walked around Grant Park for a bit. We were interested in seeing Hon Solo on Perry’s Stage and this DJ put on an awesome performance. With a few bands under our belt, we were ready for some lunch. Continue reading