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3 Years of Solar Power (PV) Generation

solar_0021On July 2, 2010, the photo voltaic system installed on our roof by Southern Energy Management that included 18 solar panels was turned on. We finally started generating renewable energy. I looked at the project as a long-term investment, not a quick way to make money. But overall, the right thing to do for the environment.

I was inspired by Thomas S. Friedman’s Hot Flat and Crowded. In the book, he says that there should be solar panels on every rooftop in America. So we found a great company to partner with and we did our part. Not quite an early adopter, but jumping on the  bandwagon.

I get a lot of questions about how much the system costs and how it works. It seems like a good time to share this information (as I’ve been meaning to for a long time). Plus, I saw a post that June was solar energy month in NC and decided to share our story. Continue reading

Today, we celebrate Dot


Spoiler alert, you may need a tissue or two for this post. Just sayin.

Life is short folks, and we take so many little things for granted everyday. When I come home from work, I have four, happy, energetic Border Collies greeting me. Whether I’ve had a great day, a super busy day, or a not-so-great day, tails are wagging and Dot, Nat, Sox, and Rex are excited to see me. When I come home today, our oldest Border Collie, Dot, won’t be there to say hello. Continue reading

A New Arrival at Ramsgate Manor

We’re happy to announce that Caitlyn “Coco” Kalani has made her arrival at Ramsgate Manor (our home). She came home last week and we’ve been slowly adjusting to our new routine with Coco in the mix.

As many of you know, Zander started school this week. He’s excited to be starting first grade, but he’s even more excited to be a great big brother and help us around the house with his little sister. He was aggressive at first, but he’s learning fast that Coco is still a very tiny baby and needs time to continue her development. Continue reading

Can you believe it’s been three weeks with Coco?

We can’t believe it. Last Friday was three weeks since Caitlyn’s arrival. It’s been a lot of back and forth to Rex Hospital and a lot of education about preemie babies for us. The terminology is different. Every baby has a unique situation. But the ultimate question that everyone wants to know the answer to is…when will she come home?

Caitlyn “Coco” Kalani is making great progress. Everyday it seems like another cord is coming off or another weight goal is achieved. We have the same question you have, when can she come home? And the doctor’s put it too us very simply, when she meets the following criteria: Continue reading

Caitlyn “Coco” Kalani, 10 Days and Growing

coco sleepingIt’s been an interesting week for us. Coming home without your newborn is tough, but we’ve had tremendous support. Caitlyn Kalani is doing great. We’ve been visiting her daily at Rex Hospital in the Special Care Nursery and monitoring her progress. It’s been ten days since Coco arrived a few weeks early. We’ve had our share of up and downs, but mostly ups!

(As we say at Red Hat a lot, up, and to the right.)

Merri Beth evicted from Rex hotel

It was the morning of Tuesday, July 31. I headed over to Rex, prepared to take Merri Beth home from the hospital. I arrived just in time to review the application for the birth certificate, making sure that Caitlyn Kalani Hibbets was spelled correctly and reviewed a few other details. We paid a visit to Coco, who was improving from this weekends’ extraction. Continue reading

Baby Coco Gets a Name

As many of our friends, family, and co-workers already know, we got a wonderful surprise during the early morning of July 27. You can read the full story of baby Coco’s arrival. It was an amazing roller coaster ride and we’ve had tremendous support along the way. Thank you. Very much. And now, here’s what so many of you want to know… Continue reading

Baby Coco’s Arrival

This is the story of baby Coco’s arrival. Quite an adventure for the Hibbets family.

As many of our friends, family, and co-workers already know, we got a wonderful surprise during the early morning of July 27. After a long day of work, Merri Beth started having contractions while we were preparing dinner—but she didn’t think they were contractions. We ate dinner as a family and I got some late-night work done while MB was catching up on some True Blood, trying to fight the pain. I went to bed shortly after midnight and was awakened by MB just after two in the morning. Our lives were about to change. Continue reading

The 2012 Salsa Garden

I finally got the vegetable garden going. With the wacky weather we’ve been having, I decided to wait until after April 15th to get this years garden in the ground. I took Friday off of work and got the green thumb going.

After a few errands, I made my way to Logan’s Trading Company. My default location for the vegetable garden. They sell a flat of vegetables for $18. I inspected the large selection of peppers and tomatoes. I ended up getting two flats. More plants than I’ve ever gotten for a season. Continue reading

Costa Rica Day 6: Playa Negra Surf and Tamarindo Sunset Cruise

Jason drops in at Playa Negra

Jason drops in at Playa Negra

It’s Friday, December 23, and our last full day in Costa Rica. I was up at 5:30 am to go surfing. I grabbed my board and made the 10-minute walk to Playa Negra. There were a handful of guys in the water and the tide was low, exposing some of the reef in the shallow areas. The waves were chest to head high and a little mushy with clean faces.

I met a guy out in the water, Mike, who had just arrived in Playa Negra last night and was from Encinatis, CA. I caught some great waves today. Merri Beth and Zander walked down to the beach and watched us surf for a while. Continue reading

Costa Rica Day 5: Canopy Tour and Playa del Coco

MB prepares to zip lineThursday, December 22 was our fifth day in Costa Rica and we squeezed a lot in as our week was ending quickly. We were up early to hit the road for a 2-hour drive to Buena Vista. Both Merri Beth and I woke up at some point early in the morning when we heard the power go out in Playa Negra. We packed up for the day in the dark, saved by the glowing of our cell phones.

We were on the road by 6:00 AM and stopped off for breakfast in Liberia. Around 8:30 AM, we arrived at the Buena Vista Lodge and were ready to start our day. After paying for the Megacombo package, the first thing we did was to prepare a few hours of zip lining through the jungle. Continue reading