Baby Coco Gets a Name

As many of our friends, family, and co-workers already know, we got a wonderful surprise during the early morning of July 27. You can read the full story of baby Coco’s arrival. It was an amazing roller coaster ride and we’ve had tremendous support along the way. Thank you. Very much. And now, here’s what so many of you want to know…

Naming Coco

coco name stormWe love the nickname Coco. At one point we tried spelling it Koko just to try it out. But we’re going with the Coco version of the spelling.

We looked at a bunch of girl names on various websites and drew inspiration from numerous sources. The short list was looking something like: Abigail, Amber, Bella, Caitlyn/Caitlynn,  Lanikai, Kailani, Kaitlyn/Kaitlynn, Kalani, Kalia, Kona, Madison, Peyton, Taylor, and Shelly. Some of them were just filler names to help us decide.

We even asked for feedback from our Facebook friends. After drawing inspiration from our family, vacations, and friends, we decided on Coco’s real name. Which is…

Caitlyn “Coco” Kalani Hibbets

We know a lot of you have been waiting to know what we named her, but it’s been a stressful weekend. Our first priority was to make sure Coco was healthy. We also wanted to let our parents know first. Now we’re happy to share our decision with you.

We hope you like our name. If you don’t, you can blame me. Merri Beth gave me the responsibility for coming up with the name—with final veto of course.

Now, enjoy some pictures.


9 thoughts on “Baby Coco Gets a Name

  1. AvatarBrenda Daniels

    Love the name you picked. She is very blessed to have you 2 as parents. Take care. Love, Brenda.

  2. Avatargranny

    Hello merri beth, jason and welcome caitlyn, thank you for letting me see the pictures of her. She is so pretty and tiny.we love you, granny

  3. AvatarKatherine Gibson

    Beautiful and enchanting name! Thank you for sharing the video, so precious – the miracle of life. Glad everything has turned out well, and that MB is healing. God has truly blessed your family.

  4. AvatarKatrinka

    Glad that all is going well … Coco looks great! What a story – it makes you appreciate the doctors & nurses and all the technology involved!! I am sure that it made an impression on Zander even if he was tented with his blanket! Best wishes for every day getting more normal now. 🙂

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  6. AvatarJoseph D. Cashwell, Jr.

    Hey guys! Belated congratulations…what a BEAUTIFUL LITTLE GIRL!!! So glad y’all are doing ok…MB, so glad you’ve come through doing well, and what a special, beautiful baby girl for your family…SHE’S A LUCKY LITTLE GIRL TO HAVE YOU GUYS TO LOVE AND CARE FOR HER!!! I’m really happy and so very PROUD of, and for YOU!! And Jason, your blog is very impressive–As always you’re very unique and creative…you are such an awesome writer…your children will really enjoy the memories you’ve created on this site. Gotta’ go now…Take care, Be well, and may many Blessings continue to come to YOUR FAMILY!! Love, Peace, and Happiness…ALWAYS!! Joseph Cashwell

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