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Holiday in paradise: Home for the rest of the holidays

Today was a travel day. Our flight left at 8:00 am and we had to get up, travel to the airport, fill up with gas, return the car, check our bags, and get through security. We got this, but it was a process. I saw rain in the forecast in Atlanta, where we connect through, so I hope we don’t have any issues or delays getting home. Getting upgraded to first class on the long segment was a nice start.

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Holiday in paradise: Exploring Cancun

Our family holiday adventure to Cancun, Mexico was about to take off. We were all packed up and ready to go. Rex (our 13-year old Border Collie) is enjoying the holidays on the Outer Banks while we seek warmer weather in Quintana Roo, Mexico and the beautiful Caribbean waters. Our trip started off a little rough with the rental car agency, but got better every day. This is our holiday adventure in Mexico for the first time as we explore the beaches in Cancun.

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Costa Rica Day 1: Arrival and Crosscheck

The entire family was up early getting ready to head to the airport. Our flight left RDU at 6:50 AM on December 18. We were bound for Liberia, Costa Rica for a week of vacation.

Of course, the first part of vacation is dealing with travel arrangements and getting there. We checked into our flight the previous night and only needed to get our bags checked in at American Airlines (AA). We were dramatically close to the 30-minute cut-off. While at the self-service kiosk, we selected one checked bag at the advice of the attendant suggesting that the front desk would help us with the second bag and speed things along. By the time we got to the desk, the clock was against us and the time we were trying to save earlier backfired on us. Continue reading

Arrival in San Francisco

Yesterday, the family started a two-week adventure away from Raleigh. We left the house a little after noon and headed to RDU airport. We hopped on the FastPark&Relax after we got the same exact spot from last week when Merri Beth and I were in Boston. How crazy is that? While on the shuttle to the airport, we talked with Chief Dolan from the Raleigh Police Department who was also headed out to the Bay area. Continue reading