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New Knock Out Garden

Knock out roseWe had our work cut-out for us last weekend. The project list looked something like this: weed the garden, mow the lawn, weed eat, edge, trim the pond liner, add protective netting to the pond, re-pot elephant ears, plant new tomato plants, mulch the front gardens, accessorize the upper deck, and plant our new Knock Out® Rose garden.

We decided to document the creation of our new garden with a few photos before, during, and after. We hope you enjoy.

How to create a Knock Out Rose Garden Continue reading

Update on our Outdoor Living Space

Deck and patio projectYou may remember that we started exploring creating more outdoor living space here at Ramsgate Manor. The project is well underway and taking a bit longer than we had expected.

Construction started in early May. We were planning on being out of town for about 3 weeks—which presented the perfect opportunity to get most of the project complete (in our eyes). When we returned from our trip to San Francisco and Honolulu, the deck had been framed and the planks installed. Unfortunately, the railing was not installed and the patio was an after thought. Continue reading

Project Tint and Blinds Complete

Blinds and tintI started a project last Fall to start upgrading the South facing part of the house. There were two parts that I wanted to help with energy efficiency for our home:

  1. Tint the windows
  2. Install new blinds

In between long runs for my marathon, I worked on the two windows downstairs. The first part was to tint the two sections of each window. The tint / window film I choose is supposed to help with the following: Continue reading

Creating Outdoor Living Space


Merri Beth and I have been toying with the idea of adding a patio and a new deck on the second level of the home. We like spending so much time outside, we want to create more outdoor space for the family to enjoy. We are currently getting some quotes for the project but wanted to share our ideas with you to get any feedback or recommendations of contractors who would make this a successful project, at a reasonable price. Continue reading