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Merri Beth and I have been toying with the idea of adding a patio and a new deck on the second level of the home. We like spending so much time outside, we want to create more outdoor space for the family to enjoy. We are currently getting some quotes for the project but wanted to share our ideas with you to get any feedback or recommendations of contractors who would make this a successful project, at a reasonable price.

The concept is to utilize the space we have on the backside of the house and add 424 sq. feet of deck that would only be accessable from inside the house. This means that we’d add a door at the end of our hallway on the second level to access the deck. It would wrap around the east side of the house and a small walkway would connect to a 12×12 deck that would sit directly above the current deck, on the north side of the house.

proj 2011 ground level

proj 2011 ground level

proj 2011 2nd level

proj 2011 2nd level

Underneath the east deck, we’d like to install a 454 sq. foot brick patio. We are struggling to grow grass in this area and the dogs continually tear up any progress that we make on the back side of the house. Ideas for the patio include installing a hammock, adding a firepit, and using the space for patio gardening. It would most likely be a simple paver patio.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations for us, please share in the comments.

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Jason Hibbets is a senior community architect at Red Hat which means he is a mash-up of a community manager and project manager. At night, he wears his cape and is a captain for the Open Raleigh brigade, as well as a co-chair for NC Open Pass. Jason is the author of a book titled The foundation for an open source city--a resource for cities and citizens interested in improving their government through civic hacking. While writing the book, he discovered his unknown superpower of building communities of passionate people. Jason graduated from North Carolina State University and resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife, two kids, two border collies, chickens, lots of tomato plants, and a lazy raccoon somewhere in an oak tree. In his copious spare time, he enjoys surfing, running, gardening, traveling, watching football, sampling craft beer, and participating in local government--not necessarily in that order, but close to it. You can follow him on Twitter: @jhibbets

3 thoughts on “Creating Outdoor Living Space

  1. Jim Blackwell

    The very first thing to do is check out the City of Raleigh Planning and Zoning requirements. There are normally setback requirements, maximum percent of lot used requirements as well as others. Key word is planning…If all goes well with the city I can do the design for you. Take your sketches to the Planning Dept first.


  2. bubba watts

    Hey Jason,

    Sorry for the late reply to the bid for the exterior living space. I have somehow lost your email address and will send the bid snail mail in today’s post. I have spent alittle time on your blog and relayy enjoy it. I do not have your talent on a computer but can easily see how my (older) parents would enjoy having a website of my family so they could feel connected.

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to bid the work, i do appreciate the opportunity.

    Also note, I am out of town next week. I will have my phone, but will have limited access to email.

    Again, thanks for the chance to help!

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