10-day Reboot Update: Day 7


Purple passion juice: grapes, blueberries, mint. Sporty Spice juice: beets, carrots, celery, lemon, oranges, basil.

We are over the hump and heading steady to the finish line of our 10-day reboot. I’m loving the juice and food hybrid approach to eating healthier. I’m glad we didn’t start with a three day, juice-only cleanse. Day three was the hardest for Merri Beth. Day five was tough for me because it was all smoothies, juices, and soup. I said screw it, I’m having a salad too.

To be honest, kicking off the reboot wasn’t that hard. Because we’d been experimenting and transitioning over the last few months, tightening up our consumption and limiting our meals to just fresh fruits and vegetables hasn’t been that much of a shock to our bodies. Having the 10-day menu to follow is extremely helpful. We’ve tried to minimize the substitutions, but have made a few tweaks here and there. We definitely want to enjoy what we’re eating and drinking. And the most of the juices are really delicious. Our compost is loving all the fruit and vegetable scraps too.

Progress update: I’ve lost 6 pounds and 1% body fat so far. I started out one day one at: 189 pounds, 23% body fat. The latest measurements are 183 pounds, 22% body fat.

The plan recommends scaling back on our exercise. I did for the first few days, but it’s so much a part of my routine that I really just “lightened” up on the first two workouts. I supplemented it by adding a banana to my day! I also got in a nice 8-mile run on Sunday (day 5) which probably attributed for my craving for more food that day. I felt great on my run and didn’t feel deprived at all.

But…how do you feel?

And that’s been the biggest question everyone is asking…how do you feel? I’ve only been “hungry” a few times during the reboot. And that’s mostly because I waited too long between meals. Each meal has been very nutrient-rich, lower sugar, and very filling. One thing that has been helpful, especially during lunches is to split things up. For example, if there was a soup and some roasted vegetables, I would have the soup at the beginning of my lunch break and the vegetables at the end. I didn’t want to eat it all at once because I was full from the first portion. But to answer the question, I feel great!

We’re over the halfway mark and plan on finishing the reboot up on Friday. Then we’ll slowly incorporate other, healthier foods back in. I miss my dairy and trailmix a lot. Can’t wait for some scrambled eggs either!

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