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When AOL Flexes Their Internet Muscle

I had quite a day yesterday. My hosting company, Just Host, suspended the hosting for the domain lineberry.org because of some SPAM flags sent from AOL. It took me pretty much all day to convince them that the 300-person mailman list used for our neighborhood was not sending SPAM. But how did I get to that situation in the first place and why is AOL flexing their muscles on my little community website? Continue reading

In the News, Reporting Live on NBC17 and ABC11

I’m excited to report that I was contacted by two major media outlets this week for interviews. Over on the Lineberry Alliance Blogs, I’ve been advocating and blogging about moving forward with the Tryon Road expansion project. Back in February, I coined the term “Garner Death Curve” in one of my first blogs on the topic. I’m not happy with the tone of the branding, but it’s helping bring attention to this complicated issue.

The overview of this situation goes something like this: Continue reading

Shibby’s Samplings | Sep 20 edition

Here are some posts from other places that I write, including opensource.com and news & updates from my neighborhood via the Lineberry Alliance Blogs. See what else I’ve been saying around the web.

I was quoted in Raleigh’s News & Observer on Thursday, September 16, 2010 in the article Continue reading