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A first version of priorities and a draft rally cry are some of the key items that Code for America Brigades should be excited about as we start 2017. But what’s really exciting for me are the opportunities for making connections across the brigade network. Which is why the┬áNational Advisory Committee needs brigade members to help us by joining some of our Brigade Action Teams.

As many of you know, I have the honor of serving on the Code for America Brigade National Advisory Committee or NAC for short. There are eight other passionate members of the group who have had several meetings over the last few weeks to help set priorities, draft a rally cry (see image to the right), and identify working groups we call Brigade Action Teams (BAT). We’ve worked closely with Code for America staff and an amazing consultant who helped us navigate several exercises to move the group forward.

The NAC recently shared some of our early work as a group on Medium, announcing our first take at priorities, a rally cry, and the Brigade Action Teams we’d like to pilot. Of course, we’re asking for input and feedback on this journey, so don’t hesitant to chime in. On Monday, January 23, the NAC hosted a workshop to go over the previously mentioned progress and, more importantly, take questions from brigade leadership. One of the key changes will be shifting the focus of the brigade program from growth, to providing a solid base to deepen our collective impact, both locally and nationally.

One of the ways we’d like to accomplish this is with the Brigade Action Teams. The Brigade Action Teams are network-wide project teams working toward a specific goal. They will consist of both brigade leadership and will be open to individual brigade members. Brigade Action Teams will be lead by a member of the NAC and have 2-3 supporting roles filled by other NAC members and Code for America staff support.

The NAC would like to pilot these network-wide working groups with four teams: Trust, Days of Action, Badges & Recognition Team, and Knowledge Sharing. As we learn more and get a few under our belts, we’d like to open the other teams around Fundraising, Marketing Plan, Cross Brigade Collaboration, and Mentorship and Training. See these slides for more detailed descriptions of each team. Future teams can be established depending on the needs of the brigade network.

Sign-up for a Brigade Action Team

Here’s where you come in. We need to know which teams your are interested in. Tell us in this survey and the leadership from those Brigade Action Teams will be in touch with next steps. Remember, you do not need to be a captain or in a leadership role, any brigade members can participate in a Brigade Action Team.

The NAC is very excited about our initial work and getting these pilots established. We know that we can accomplish more when we work together. Join us.

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