Life at Red Hat: Red Hat Summit, DevNation in full swing

20150624_060322DevNation and Red Hat Summit are in full swing on June 24, 2015. If you’re a runner like me, the day started off early. Like 6:00 am early. The sun has already been up for quite some time in Boston, which is why the blackout curtains in the hotel are welcome for any hangover-like symptoms you might endure during a conference or a visit to the area in the spring and summer.

The Red Hat Summit 5k started off the day. Some of us ran the correct route, others decided to go for extra credit (or they missed the turn around). Halfway through the race, I mean unsanctioned run, I sacrificed my time to help runners on the course make one of the final turns back to the Hynes Convention Center. Karma points achievement earned!

All the runners cleaned up nicely in time for the morning keynote with Paul Cormier. One of his key messages, “The application is king, the OS is the heartbeat. Linux and containers are soaring.” The crowd, according to Twitter, loved it.

20150624_103037It was a big day for me. My talk, “Community building the open source way” was at 10:40 am on the DevNation track. While the attendance for my session was lower than expected, I felt that I delivered a well-rehearsed talk and gave some excellent information to the attendees.

After my session, I grabbed some lunch and then helped out with Jim Whitehurst’s book signing. It was scheduled for an hour starting at 2:30 pm. By the time I arrived, there was already a line forming. I got to chat with a bunch of great people and we had a successful book signing.

The afternoon agenda included attend a session called, “Bootstrapping a DevOps movement at Red Hat” with Jen Krieger. After that, I explored the Partner Pavilion for a while before the evening activities began.

Rikki Endsley joined me in the Partner Pavilion and we walked to dinner several blocks away on a beautiful evening in Boston. We were joining the Red Hat Films crew who had previewed a mini-documentary about the open education efforts at Penn Manor High School. We had a fabulous dinner with Charlie Reisinger and others involved in the effort.

While I was enjoying dinner at Precinct Kitchen and Bar, Merri Beth was at a Red Sox game with our friends Maria and Lance. While I would have loved to go, but had other obligations.

On the way back from dinner, Rikki and I stopped by StoryVille for the OpenShift party. Merri Beth eventually found her way there and I stayed out 30 minutes longer than my allotment. But I splurged since I had my talk earlier today. The OpenShift party was pretty awesome, Am I’m glad I hung around for a while.

Tomorrow is another full day. Get ready!

 Red Hat Summit

The Open Organization book signing with Jim Whitehurst

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