My fall bucket list for SouthWest Raleigh

nc_art_museumThis fall, I decided to start a bucket list for things in Southwest Raleigh. With a little help from Offline, a technology company in the Triangle powered by two guys named David, the experience has never been more social. The Bucket List includes experiences, signature and famous dishes from local restaurants, places to explore, and much more.

I found some things in SouthWest Raleigh that I’ve been meaning to do and added them to my list.  In fact, I found a few things that I already did and was able to check them off the list. I’m sure you’ll find a few things that you’ve done, but more importantly a few things that you haven’t. And those things that you haven’t done probably range from the “I’ll get to it some day” to other things that you didn’t know about yet. Offline wants to change that.

So what’s on my fall bucket list? See for yourself. A few upcoming events that I plan on blogging about at the Creative District blog. See the full post and read more.

3 thoughts on “My fall bucket list for SouthWest Raleigh

  1. AvatarRogerTheGeek

    I’ve walked the NCMA trails just last Friday. There are a few bikers on the trails, but not many. I have walked some on the House Creek Greenway from Meredith over to Lake Boone. People tell me House Creek from Horton St parking area to Crabtree Valley Mall area is a nice trip. You should try NCMA trail over I-440 to Crabtree.

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