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open govt - Image credits opensource.com

Image credits opensource.com

I gave the latest iteration of my “Open source all the cities talk” (slides) at BarCampRDU on Saturday May 18, 2013. When I got to my slide on how to get involved, someone in the room asked me if this was posted on the web. And I was like….no, but that’s a great idea.

There are a number of events or ways you can make our local government in the Triangle region more transparent, enhance citizen participation, or improve collaboration between citizens and government or regionally between municipalities. Here are a few events coming up and some other ways to get started.

Upcoming events

Join a local Code for America Brigade

Wait, what’s a Code for America Brigade?

Add your knowledge & think big

Action items from BarCampRDU

While at BarCampRDU, there are a number of ideas that come up in various sessions. In one of the first sessions I was in about “Organizing tech conferences” an idea came up to start sharing information about events locations and other need-to-know tid-bits of organizing.

I shared with the group that I wrote about this in my book. A section called “A playbook for user groups.” I think I need to start a Triangle Wiki page with meet-up resources. But I’ll need your help to make it awesome. Be on the look-out for that. Actually, if you’re eager. Just start the page yourself and invite your friends to contribute.

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