Country Style Beef Ribs

I was at the grocery store the other day and saw these beautiful boneless beef ribs.  I love ribs but since Jason doesn’t eat pork I only have ribs when we go out.  I thought I couldn’t lose with buying beef ribs because they were, well, beef.  I also thought these would be great to have while tailgating for the NC State vs Cincinnati game.  Once I got home with these beautiful ribs, I realized I had no idea how to cook them.  I searched the internet for the perfect way to cook these but really didn’t find anything that I thought sounded good and would really work for tailgating.

Finally, Thursday morning (game day morning) I decided to crockpot them.  I had read that these ribs need to cook slowly or they could be tough.  What did I have to lose?  If they came out of the crockpot too chewy, I could always take hamburgers to cook for the game.

I trimmed the larger pieces of fat from the ribs and placed them all in the crockpot.  I poured our favorite bbq sauce over them with about a cup of water (so the thick sauce wouldn’t become too sticky and burn), turned the crockpot on high and left for work.  I thought about my cooking ribs on and off for most of the day and was eager to get home to check them.  I envisioned a sticky burned crockpot full of chewy pieces of meat.

When we finally got home, I headed straight for the crockpot.  To my surprise, there was a nice sauce over the ribs.  I decided I needed to try one to make sure they weren’t chewy.  The ribs were prefect!

Once we got to the stadium and it was time to eat, Jason cranked up our grill and put the ribs on there to give them a little grill flavor and to make them nice and sticky (like ribs are supposed to be 🙂  )  I thought the ribs were excellent and I’m very happy they turned out perfectly.  I will be making these again.

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