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Raleigh, NC—the world’s first open source city

This article and interview with Raleigh’s Mayor, Charles Meekor, was published on, where we are exploring how the principles of open source are applied beyond technology–to our government, education, and much more. It’s relevant to South West Raleigh because … Continue reading

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December 2010 Newsletter

The December 2010 Newsletter is now available from Yeah, I know it’s February, but you know you’ll want to read about our adventures in NYC, Orlando, and some snow in Raleigh.

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Shibby’s Samplings | Feb 21 edition

Here are some posts from other places that I write, including and a new project I’ve started with Raleigh neighbors Anthony McLeod and Joe Boisvert: I’ve scaled back on blogging to the Lineberry Alliance Blogs in favor of … Continue reading

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The Change was Good

At the beginning of February,  Zander started attending a new daycare.  The first week was good, but it was also a little rocky. He got a few sad faces towards the end of the week because he had trouble listening … Continue reading

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Protecting the Neighborhood from GH-1-2011

On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, I presented to Raleigh City Council about concerns on the proposed GH-1-2011 project, Lineberry Student Housing. [PDF] GH stands for Group Housing and the project is being administratively approved by Raleigh City Planning. I started … Continue reading

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Creating Outdoor Living Space

Merri Beth and I have been toying with the idea of adding a patio and a new deck on the second level of the home. We like spending so much time outside, we want to create more outdoor space for … Continue reading

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When AOL Flexes Their Internet Muscle

I had quite a day yesterday. My hosting company, Just Host, suspended the hosting for the domain because of some SPAM flags sent from AOL. It took me pretty much all day to convince them that the 300-person mailman … Continue reading

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Time for New Discoveries

Zander started daycare when he was 7 weeks old—we knew one day we might  have to choose another school to help prepare him for kindergarten.  That time arrived last week… I wasn’t convinced that Zander was learning everything he could … Continue reading

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