Life in board shorts: Surf’s up and a fat kahuna

Saturday was our last full day in Cocoa Beach, Florida and we couldn’t ask for better weather. On tap today was some sweet morning surf, a gator tour, some local taps, and a great dinner at Fat Kahunas. Check out our adventures and don’t miss out on gators in the wild!

The wind had been steady all week since we arrived, blowing 15-25mph out of the south east, building the surf up over that last few days. Zander and I had been watching the surf forecast and were ready to hit the beach, paddling out in our wetsuits (no booties or gloves needed). After a few waves, I paddled in and took my suit off, and switched to board shorts and a rash guard. The water was a refreshing 70º, and the sun was warm. It didn’t take long for Zander to do the same and switch out of the wetsuit.

No crowd, warm water, and fun waves. Zander and I surfed for almost two hours while MB and Coco enjoyed the sunny day on the beach, playing in the sand, splashing in the water. After our fun in the sun, we went back to the room and grabbed some lunch before heading out to Tosohatchee for an afternoon with InstaGator.


Mike, the gator tour guide, says it best on his website, “It’s the old-time cabbage palm shores or the cypress forest of Tosohatchee. It’s a stroll across an ancient Indian burial site from long ago while you absorb the silence of an open flood plain, the St. Johns River, and SO much more.”

We saw lots of wildlife, including gators in the wild—like right next to the airboat. The InstaGator tour was great, we had headsets so we could communicate the entire time, ask questions, and point out wildlife. We had an amazing time and would highly recommend spending time on the InstaGator.

After our tour, I got to sample some of the local Florida brews. The first stop was Dirty Oar Beer Company. Cool spot, good IPA’s. Next we hit up northern part of Cocoa Beach and visited the Florida Beer Company. While I got a flight, we watched some of the Clemson vs Notre Dame playoff game. We headed back to our condo to watch more of the game and make plans for the evening.

The kids had been itching to go to the pool. So we took them poolside. After the pool, we dried off, cleaned-up, and got ready for dinner. Merri Beth found this amazing place called Fat Kahunas. We made our way to downtown Cocoa Beach, and the restaurant was busy and on a wait. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait that long and got complimentary cocktails to hold us over.

We were finally seated in the hustle and bustle and indulged in the eclectic atmosphere. The menu options were fabulous, the service was great, and overall, we really enjoyed our evening. The owner came over to chat with us and we had a lovely conversation.

After dinner, MB and the kids went to get a sweet treat at The Fat Donkey. They scored delicious ice cream. I went over to Cocoa Beach Brewing and sampled the three beers they had on tap. The place was dead, it was only the bar tender and one of the brewers. Before I left, a pair of patrons came into the bar. The beers were good, I just wish there were a few more to sample, but you gotta brew what you gotta brew. I met MB and the kids at the Jeep a short distance away, sampled some ice cream, and we headed back to the condo for the evening.

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