Open source city campaign update

Open Source CityWith 22 days left to go in the “Open source all the cities” campaign, we’re 94% of the way there with 73 funders. I’m very excited and thankful for all the support. I think we can get to 100 funders before the campaign is over. Can you help me get 27 more funders?

It’s been great to see supportive blog posts from folks like Anthony Pompliano, an entrepreneur in Raleigh interested in improving education, and Luke Fretwell from GovFresh saying, “I’ve read early drafts, and this is an important book for government and the general civic technology community.”

The true validation though has come from supporters in the campaign. In watching the number of funders grow, I’ve seen friends, family, and co-workers contribute. What’s inspiring is to see the names of people whom I haven’t met yet. That is encouraging because it let’s me know that there is interest in this topic and interest in bringing the principles of open source to citizens around the world.

Keep up the great support. The Tweets, the Facebook updates, sharing the campaign with a friend—every little bit helps.

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