Open source letter to Raleigh City Council

Over on, I recently added a post asking to support Raleigh’s Open Source Directive. Here is the letter I sent to City Council today. By posting it here, I’ve essentially open sourced it. Feel free to cut/paste, re-use, re-purpose, or whatever. (Don’t forget to add your name.)


Subject: Please support the proposed open source resolution

Council members,

Vote yes tomorrow for the resolution which supports the use of open source technology and provides direction to have a more open government in Raleigh. The option of choosing open source allows for lower implementation costs, better access to public data, more collaboration between city staff, citizens, and developers.

Without *real* open data, events like CityCamp Raleigh ( that happened this past weekend would not be possible and would not have had attracted over 220 people.

Please vote yes for open source options.

Thank you,
Jason Hibbets

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