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Last night, I met with Alan Freeman and Greg Monroe from triDUG. Alan has kept the Triangle Drupal User Group (triDUG) on life support over the last year or so and it’s time for some other folks to help out. I put my name in the ring as one of those people.

My main focus is going to be running the Raleigh triDUG meet-ups. The next one in Raleigh will be mid-May 2011. The triDUG group alternates meetings between Raleigh and Durham each month. Alan explained that in the past, finding a central location in the RTP area has been difficult and didn’t work out for more than a few months.

We’ve got a lot of ideas for the group and want to create some new energy and interest for Drupal in the Triangle area. Look for some new activity from your triDUG leadership. A few things we are looking to try:

  • monthly planning meetings on IRC to set meet-up agenda’s
  • a potential lunch and learn series
  • triDUG presence at CityCamp Raleigh (to be announced)
  • a Summer / Fall series on getting started with Drupal

These are just a few things we discussed. And we are definetly open to your ideas as well. So if you’re interested in Drupal and you live in the Triangle area, be sure to sign-up on to get the lastest updates.

What’s the most exciting part for me? Being part of a local community that is passionate about Drupal. The challenge for me? I’m not sure what I’m getting into, but I’m looking forward to putting on my community building hat and breathing life into triDUG to make it a premier Drupal User Group.


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