Our Snow Day in Raleigh #boom

Coco and Merri Beth enjoy the snow

Coco and Merri Beth enjoy the snow

The snow started to fall at our house around 7:00 pm on January 28. Wake Counties schools were closed on Tuesday and eventually decided to close on Wednesday. I usually work from home on Wednesdays, so I enjoyed the extra company. But there was a fresh two to three inches of snow to go play in!

Our day started off normal, except we didn’t go to daycare or visit the school bus stop. Instead, we were enjoying the fresh, white blanket of snow around the house. Before we ventured out, there was some work to be done. Zander had to do some homework and Merri Beth and I had to VPN into work and check email and other things before we started our day.

I had a call at 10:00 am that I needed to join, but after that, we ventured out to go sledding. MB had acquired two saucers that we needed to test out, so we went around the block to a really fun slope to test them out. Zander was a professional and Coco even went on a few tracks on her own. The family had a blast in the winter wonderland. Enjoy our pictures and videos from the day.

Here are some fun videos

Enjoy our snow day in Raleigh pictures


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