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Open Source City stickerIn February 2013, I launched an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign called Open source all the cities to generate awareness for my book and to help raise money to get the first 500 copies printed. I was overwhelmed by the amount of support. There are still a few days left to contribute if you still want your name in the acknowledgements.

I finished my book today, The foundation for an open source city. As Zander said in the campaign video, “Good job Dad.”

I also spent a lot of time in Libre Office today, playing with formatting, fonts, and other options. I never thought adding page numbers would be so difficult. I had to dig through the cobwebs from my college days of adding page numbers in the footer. Then I had to figure out how to remove the footer top border.

The toughest formatting issue I came across was figuring out the title pages and how to get the numbering to start at the introduction. A few FAQs from LuLu and playing around with the Title page option in Libre Office seemed to work.

Thanks to a recommendation by Libby Levi, I updated to the book to use Junction, a humanist sans-serif font and the first open source type project started by The League of Moveable Type.

And finally, I’d like to thank the 92 contributors to date. This is how your name will appear in the book unless you let me know by April 12, 2013. The names are in alphabetical order by last name.

Thank you IndieGogo campaign supporters!

  • Elizabeth Adams
  • Delisa Alexander
  • Katie Alvarado
  • Chris Anderson
  • Mary-Ann Baldwin
  • Lynne Barbour
  • Bryan G. Behrenshausen
  • Frank Börger
  • Jennifer Bosser
  • Steve Burnett
  • Lori Bush
  • Robert Campbell
  • Melanie Chernoff
  • Damon Circosta
  • Kevin Cole
  • Gabriel Conners
  • Kevin M. Curry
  • François Déchery
  • Raleigh Economic Development
  • Nicholas Doiron
  • Toure Dunnon
  • Nicole C. Engard
  • Bill Farrow
  • Gina Fesmire
  • Vance Fitzgerald
  • Bonner Gaylord
  • Sandro Gisler
  • Julio Gonzalez
  • Robert Gorve
  • Justin Grimes
  • Laura Hamlyn
  • Jason Hare
  • Jason Horne
  • Michele Hovet
  • Amy Howard
  • Dennis Hunter
  • Kiran Jain
  • Leslie John Sox
  • Wes Johnson
  • Kimberley Jones
  • Gary Jordan
  • Ami Kamshlezinger
  • Janet Kennedy
  • Aly Khalifa
  • Kevin Kirkman
  • David Levine
  • Gina Likins
  • Burt Lum
  • Jeff Mackanic
  • Brian E. Magee
  • Brian Marks
  • David mason
  • Brian McCullough
  • Matt Micene
  • Joe Milazzo II
  • Manuel Monserrate
  • Luigi Montanez
  • Robin Muilwijk
  • Matthew Munoz
  • Philip Neustrom
  • Matt Nowak
  • Jonathan Opp
  • Jennifer Pahlka
  • Mital Patel
  • Alison Perkins
  • Philip Poe
  • Scott Primeau
  • Tom Rabon
  • Bill Rehm
  • Scott Resnick
  • Scott Reston
  • Jesus Rodriguez
  • Tim Rosenberg
  • Carlos Santana
  • James Sauls
  • Shawn Selleck
  • Reid Serozi
  • John-Paul Smith
  • Chase Southard
  • Steve Spiker
  • Russ Stephenson
  • Jim Strong
  • Leo Suarez
  • Michael Tiemann
  • Matt Tomasulo
  • Christopher Van Hoof
  • Jennifer Venable
  • Jonathan Wall
  • Jenn Wike
  • Jason Willeford
  • Josh Wilson
  • Ryan Wold


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Jason Hibbets is a senior community architect at Red Hat which means he is a mash-up of a community manager and project manager. At night, he wears his cape and is a captain for the Open Raleigh brigade, as well as a co-chair for NC Open Pass. Jason is the author of a book titled The foundation for an open source city--a resource for cities and citizens interested in improving their government through civic hacking. While writing the book, he discovered his unknown superpower of building communities of passionate people. Jason graduated from North Carolina State University and resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife, two kids, two border collies, chickens, lots of tomato plants, and a lazy raccoon somewhere in an oak tree. In his copious spare time, he enjoys surfing, running, gardening, traveling, watching football, sampling craft beer, and participating in local government--not necessarily in that order, but close to it. You can follow him on Twitter: @jhibbets

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