2012 Garden Results and Notes

The garden this year started in mid April with a variety of tomatoes and peppers. I kept track of the incoming crop, took notes along the way, and tallied up the totals.

I planted a bunch of different tomatoes: Early Girl, Patio, Large Red Cherry, Better Boy, Big Boy, Roma, and Super Fantastic. I also planted seven different kinds of peppers: Big Bertha, Camelot, Golden Yellow, Orange, Red, Jalapeño, and Serrano.

The results are in. Here is what I brought in this season:

  • Red Cherry tomatoes: 145
  • Betty Boy tomatoes: 12
  • Big Boy tomatoes: 7
  • Roma tomatoes: 22
  • Rutger tomatoes: 16
  • Patio tomatoes: 34
  • Early Girl tomatoes: 58
  • Super Fantastic tomatoes: 3
  • Golden peppers: 6
  • Red peppers: 10
  • Orange peppers: 25
  • Yellow peppers: 14
  • Camelot peppers: 58
  • Big Bertha peppers: 58
  • Serrano peppers: 280
  • Jalepeño peppers: 143

We had a long week of several +100 degree days in early July that killed the majority of the tomato plants. Thankfully, the pepper plants survived and had a productive Fall. At the beginning of August, I planted Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Romaine Lettuce. I didn’t keep track of the Fall crop, but the Broccoli was successful and the Cauliflower is still growing. The lettuce started off great, but outgrew itself.  So that was a bad idea.

Some notes for the 2013 season:

  • Super Fantastic tomatoes aren’t that fantastic
  • Put the patio tomatoes in pots only
  • Move Roma’s to the back (replace Big Boy spots on row 11)
  • Less/no Big Boy’s (lost 5/8 plants)
  • More Rutgers (move closer to the front)
  • Camelot and Big Bertha’s were very successful

The full breakdown:

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