Wolfpack Fans, It’s Time to Move the Chains

A new tradition is starting at Carter-Finley Stadium. Are you a part of it? After each Wolfpack first down, the announcer says, “And that’s another Wolfpack…” “…First Down!” the crowd responds. Several sections around the stadium then add something else. Let’s take a look:

A few sections chant, “Move the chains, move the chains, Wuf, Wuf, Wuf!” after the first down. I think all of Carter-Finley stadium should get involved and make this chant loud. We’ve been doing it in section 210 all season. It’s time for this cheer to spread around to other sections.

I first heard this cheer at last years away Carolina game. The section we were in felt like a home game. Wolfpack fans were rabid and if you remember, there were plenty of empty bleachers by the third quarter. As the offense was moving the ball, the 12th man was helping them move the chains.

I’m writing this on the week heading into the Florida State game. It’s a nationally televised game on ESPN. I think we can add this chant to every section in Carter-Finley. Make it loud. Start a new tradition. Move the chains Wolfpack fans!

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