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A New Arrival at Ramsgate Manor

We’re happy to announce that Caitlyn “Coco” Kalani has made her arrival at Ramsgate Manor (our home). She came home last week and we’ve been slowly adjusting to our new routine with Coco in the mix.

As many of you know, Zander started school this week. He’s excited to be starting first grade, but he’s even more excited to be a great big brother and help us around the house with his little sister. He was aggressive at first, but he’s learning fast that Coco is still a very tiny baby and needs time to continue her development. Continue reading

Can you believe it’s been three weeks with Coco?

We can’t believe it. Last Friday was three weeks since Caitlyn’s arrival. It’s been a lot of back and forth to Rex Hospital and a lot of education about preemie babies for us. The terminology is different. Every baby has a unique situation. But the ultimate question that everyone wants to know the answer to is…when will she come home?

Caitlyn “Coco” Kalani is making great progress. Everyday it seems like another cord is coming off or another weight goal is achieved. We have the same question you have, when can she come home? And the doctor’s put it too us very simply, when she meets the following criteria: Continue reading