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New Knock Out Garden

Knock out roseWe had our work cut-out for us last weekend. The project list looked something like this: weed the garden, mow the lawn, weed eat, edge, trim the pond liner, add protective netting to the pond, re-pot elephant ears, plant new tomato plants, mulch the front gardens, accessorize the upper deck, and plant our new Knock Out® Rose garden.

We decided to document the creation of our new garden with a few photos before, during, and after. We hope you enjoy.

How to create a Knock Out Rose Garden Continue reading

Project Tint and Blinds Complete

Blinds and tintI started a project last Fall to start upgrading the South facing part of the house. There were two parts that I wanted to help with energy efficiency for our home:

  1. Tint the windows
  2. Install new blinds

In between long runs for my marathon, I worked on the two windows downstairs. The first part was to tint the two sections of each window. The tint / window film I choose is supposed to help with the following: Continue reading