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Life After Our 10 Day Reboot


Cherry Berry Apple Cinnamon Bake

We made it! Merri Beth and I completed our 10-day reboot with Joe the Juicer. It was a great experience, we tried lots of new, fresh foods, and we were pretty disciplined the entire time. We minimized substitutions and stuck to the plan as close as possible.

We spent a lot of time in the kitchen. The prep work going into getting all the fruits and vegetables ready for meals was lot of work. But our bodies are worth it. And I really enjoyed a lot of the soups, even though I’m not a big soup person. The soups we had were fresh, nutrient-packed, and delicious. Continue reading

10-day Reboot Update: Day 7


Purple passion juice: grapes, blueberries, mint. Sporty Spice juice: beets, carrots, celery, lemon, oranges, basil.

We are over the hump and heading steady to the finish line of our 10-day reboot. I’m loving the juice and food hybrid approach to eating healthier. I’m glad we didn’t start with a three day, juice-only cleanse. Day three was the hardest for Merri Beth. Day five was tough for me because it was all smoothies, juices, and soup. I said screw it, I’m having a salad too. Continue reading

We are rebooting with Joe and our new juicer

juicer_01Merri Beth and I have been transitioning to a more healthy diet since September 2013. Not a diet in the temporary sense, but a diet as in our default way of eating. I got really sick on Labor Day weekend with strep throat and I was desperate for anything to help me out. In my searching, I discovered a documentary called Hungry for Change. I watched in on Netflix and was immediately motivated. My biggest take-away: we eat too much processed food and way too much sugar. But how can we change? Continue reading