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Life in Board Shorts Day Five – Fourth of July

View from the beach chairOops, we slept in today. Not typical for us. We were out a little later than expected last night at Elizabeth’s Cafe. We’re usually pretty eager to get on the beach early on the Fourth of July. Merri Beth, Zander, and I managed to get to the beach by 11:00 am—not too bad considering our lack of alarm clock.

We packed up the Jeep, lunch included, and headed out. At first, I was thinking Nags Head would be the spot. But as we drove down the beach road, the beach accesses were packed. We turned around and headed back to Kill Devil Hills for the day. We found a great spot that just had a few cars at it. Within the next two hours, it was full. We got lucky. Continue reading

FOJ on the OBX

We spent a lot of time on the Outer Banks this past July. Our tans were looking good, we had a good dose of salt water in our bloodstream, and we watched lots of sunsets. We kicked things our with our FOJ (Fourth of July) trip, then returned the next week for an offshore fishing trip. There was another weekend in there somewhere too, we forget.

Jason, Zander, and Merri Beth

Jason, Zander, and Merri Beth

Here are some more pictures from our OBX adventures in July: Continue reading