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The Change was Good

At the beginning of February,  Zander started attending a new daycare.  The first week was good, but it was also a little rocky. He got a few sad faces towards the end of the week because he had trouble listening and following directions. I think that was still part of the adjustment to a new environment and actually having some rules to follow.

Since he’s been in Childrens’ Discovery Center, he’s learned new letters and numbers, improved on his writing, and even made a few awesome crafts, like a sock puppet and a palm tree. I attended the class Valentine Party and was very impressed that 24 4-year olds could sit still for that long, while valentines were handed out.

I’ve even started noticing changes while he’s at home. Continue reading

Time for New Discoveries

Zander started daycare when he was 7 weeks old—we knew one day we might  have to choose another school to help prepare him for kindergarten.  That time arrived last week…

I wasn’t convinced that Zander was learning everything he could while at school. I started to wonder if he would be ready for kindergarten this Fall.  If we sat down to go over the alphabet, he would guess at letters or just decide he didn’t want to review them.  I also noticed that he was having trouble writing letters and became easily frustrated when he didn’t know a letter.

To make sure I wasn’t the problem, I asked my sister to sit down with Zander and test him to find out what he knows.  As a first grade teacher, she has more patience and experience dealing with young children than I do.  Continue reading