2 thoughts on “proj 2011 ground level

  1. Jim Blackwell

    another comment is that your patio under the east deck will be on sloping ground.. Grade slopes from the front of the house to the rear. Depending on elevation of the footings for the house you may not be able to excavate the sloping ground in order to provide enough headroom under the east deck. Are you planning on attaching the deck to the house …. removing siding and reflashing? Your sketches should depict a rough visualization of the actual relationship with the existing ground.

  2. Shibby Post author

    Good points. Let’s discuss further, but in checking it out tonight, I saw we have about 2ft of crawlspace and 9 ft of siding. But I think what your saying is that an elevation view from the side would help determine the relationship of the deck, patio, and house. I can do that.

    The deck will be attached to the house. The folks I’ve spoken with so far have talked about cutting out drywall. I think they said to do a through-bolt, but can’t remember the exact terminology.



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